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Game-based learning in STEAM
and Sustainable Development

Grow Planet

Educational content

In Grow Planet, the students learn partly by solving various problems themselves, and partly by watching short videos and collecting "knowledge cards". We want to make it easy for you as a teacher to follow their development here in the LMS. You access the educational content mainly in two ways; via the "timelines" and the knowledge base.

The timelines

In the "timelines" you will find the main part of our educational content. Here, the game activities in the different areas are presented in the order in which the student performs them, as well as suggestions for different activities to carry out with the students in or outside the classroom.

The Knowledge Base

In the Knowledge Base, which you can always reach via the main menu, we collect the educational content that the students meet in Grow Planet in the form of videos and "knowledge cards", grouped by school subject and game area.