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Add a class

Have you logged in but can't find your class? Then you probably need to add it.

On the Add class page you will find two dropdown menus, one for school and one for class.

To begin with, the school class field is greyed out. First, you must select which school your class belongs to. Enter at least four characters in the Search for a school field, and a list of matching schools will appear. If you can't find your school in this list, you can add it yourself via the Add new school button. Fields in bold are required.

Once you have selected or added a school, you will be able to select or add a class in the same manner. If you select an existing class, an email will be sent to this class's existing teacher(s) and the Gro Play administrators, who have to approve your addition as a teacher of this class.

If you have added a new class, now it's time to add your students. Read more about this here.