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Game-based learning in STEAM
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Grow Planet

Add Class, Pupils, and Teachers

Have you logged in but can't find your class? Then you probably need to add it.

On the Add class page, you first select an existing school or add a new one. To check if your school already exists, enter at least four characters in the Search for a school field, and a list of matching schools will appear. If you can't find your school in this list, you can add it yourself via the Add new school link. Fields in bold are required.

Once you have selected or added a school, you will be able to select or add a class in the same manner. If you select an existing class, an email will be sent to this class's existing teacher(s) and the Gro Play administrators, who have to approve your addition as a teacher of this class.

Add Pupils

After you have added a new class, you will be redirected to a form where you enter the class's pupils. You can also go back to this form for an existing class at any time by going to the class dashboard, selecting the Pupils tab, and pressing the Edit pupils button.


If you should need more rows, just press the Add more pupils link. If you have fewer pupils than the number of rows, just leave the remaining rows empty.

After you have pressed Save, each pupil will have a unique login token for the game. You can view these at any time by choosing this class in the sidebar or in the main menu under My classes. There, you can also generate new login tokens for your pupils if that would be necessary.


Add teachers

If there are more teachers in the class, you can easily add the others yourself. On the class page, under the Teachers heading, you will find the Invite other teachers button. It opens a pop-up where you enter the teacher/teachers' information:

The teachers you add will be notified by email. If any of them do not already have a Grow Planet account, one will be created for them.

Exception: It is not possible to manually add teachers to classes controlled by some external services, like Skolon. Teachers registered via those services can also not be manually added to classes.