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Questions and answers

How can the students log onto the game?

For the students' progress to be saved, they need to log onto the game using a personal token, which consists of six letters. You can find these tokens on the class overview page here in the LMS:

There you will see a list of the class's students and their login tokens. Should any students miss tokens, or need new ones, you can select these students and press the Create new login tokens button (provided that the class or school has a valid and sufficient license). This will not cause any of the students' previous progress to get lost.

Using their login tokens, the students may log onto the game on different devices and still continue where they left off.

How can I log onto the game?

As a teacher you can, just like your students, log in to the game with a personal six-letter token. You will find this token on the class overview page here in the LMS (under the Teacher heading) , as well as on your profile page. Or just press the Start the game button at the top.

What do the little padlocks next to the areas mean?

On several places in the LMS you can se padlocks by the names of the game areas. Whether they are locked or unlocked may vary for each class; this is a way for you to control what the class will be working on at the moment. If, for example, the Water area is locked for the class 1A, as in the picture below, this area will not be available for the students when they enter the game.

You may lock or unlock the different game areas for your class at any time. Locking an area will not lose any of the students' previous progress in this area.

Can a student play on the school's device and also on their phone at home?

Sure, just as long as they use their login token (see above).

What is the "knowledge base"?

The knowledge base is a part of the LMS where we collect the educational content the students meet in Grow Planet, like short videos they get to watch, and "knowledge cards" they collect. You will always find it in the main menu.

How do I add/remove students?

At the bottom of the class overview page, you will find a button with the text Edit class and students. There you may change the class's name and grade as well as add, remove, and change the names of students.

Note 1: If you delete a student, their saved game activity will also be lost.

Note 2: You should not change the class by deleting a student's first and last name and entering a new one, as the new student will then "inherit" the old one's game activity. Instead, select delete for the students to be deleted, and add new rows for new students.