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Game-based learning in STEAM
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There are several exams available to test your students' learnings. The exams and their questions are predefined, but in order for your students to take an exam, you need to schedule it first. This is how that is done:

  1. Select an exam from the sidebar [1] or mobile menu
  2. Click the button to schedule a new exam
  3. Select a time period [2]
  4. Unselect any students who will not take the exam [3]

When any of the selected students start the game during the selected time period, they will not be able to continue until they have completed the exam.

If you're wondering about the different coloured hourglasses in the sidebar [1]: a red hourglass signifies that this exam has been completed, yellow that it is currently ongoing, and green that it is scheduled some time in the future.

At this time, it is not possible for you as a teacher to preview the exam questions, but this will hopefully change in the future.

Exam results

As soon as any students have taken the scheduled exam, you can view their scores by selecting the exam in the sidebar again, and pressing the View results button.