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Game-based learning in STEAM
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View student progress

There are multiple ways to keep watch of how your students are doing.

In the class overview

On the overview page for your class, which you can access by pressing the class name in the sidebar or selecting it in the My Classes menu, you will see a summary of the students' recent activity and how far they have progressed in each area.

In the theme overview

On the overview page for each theme, which you will find under Themes in the sidebar, you may follow your students' progress within that theme, both as an overview and in detail.

In the student overview

In the sidebar you will also find links to pages for each student in the class. There you will see an overview, as well as detailed information, about this student's game activity.

In the "timeline"

We call the overview page for each area a "timeline", because the game activities and suggested classroom activities are presented in a chronological order. There you will also get a good overview of how far the students have progressed in the area.