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Game-based learning in STEAM
and Sustainable Development

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Welcome to the Grow Planet LMS (learning management system)! Here you, as a teacher, may follow your students' progress in Grow Planet, see what knowledge and skills they have used, get inspiration for classroom activities and control which areas your class should work with.

In Grow Planet, the student controls a game character that performs various tasks related to natural sciences, mathematics, arts, and sustainable development, with help from the friendly robot MT.

In the LMS you can see that the game is divided into themes, areas, and exercise rooms. A theme is an overarching pedagogical concept, such as Ecosystem Services or Recycling. An area corresponds to a "level" or a "mission" in the game; a coherent story in a separate game world, where the student must perform a series of tasks to achieve a goal, such as building a sustainable energy supply for a small town. The exercise rooms are disconnected from the game story and are located in the "headquarters"; the students can always go here to practice their knowledge and skills in various subjects, or build imaginative 3D constructions.

But to get started, you first need to add your class if it is not already added. Read more about this here.

If you already have a class, you can read about how to track your students' progress in Grow Planet here.

You can always return to this help by choosing Help Center from the menu.